Sankar Kundu

Mr. Sankar Kundu, the founder, is a spirited Bengali entrepreneur & started his career in the field of furniture’s and interiors way back in1965 with just Rs. 500 in hand along with immense sincerity, honesty & hard work as his capital. In the next 2 decades, Mr. Kundu steered his business through many challenging times & finally was acknowledged as an accomplished performer whose sheer passion, determination and workmanship led to the grand opening of his multi-storied fully mechanized furniture factory & a contemporary furniture showroom in the name “Swarup Timber”. Till this date, the quality & design of Swarup Timber’s furniture is much discussed & cherished. Further, now he was able to provide bread & butter to a considerable number of families. After achieving all such fame & reputation he was no more just a businessman but his company was much acclaimed as a reputed Bengali business house by the media & society as a whole.

Since self-growth & growth of the mass in totality was the ultimate motto, seeing a potentiality in the field of real –estate, he indulged in the business of construction since over a decade under the banner of Devaloke, in 1995. Since then he is continuously involved in the promotion and development of multistoried buildings with all modern amenities amidst a clean green environment in different prime locations. Over the years, the company has developed a reputation for accomplishing the most complex projects, on the time and within budget. Despite its success and emphasis on efficiency and technology, Devaloke remains a traditional company relying values and ideas such as quality, reliability, constant on-site support, teamwork, and total commitment to customer satisfaction. His farsightedness & contemporary outlook is exemplified in all his residential & commercial complexes built so far and for all these, Devaloke is acknowledged as a quality player in the Indian Realty sector.

“DEVALOKE GROUP” has made consistent growth and successfully completed various Buildings under guidance of Mr. Sankar Kundu, a developer who enjoys the vast experience in development of land and building, Mr. Kundu’s intention is to build a house which is not only a place of relaxation but a place where a person can relax as well as get recharged with full of energy to do next day working.

Apart from being a renowned builder, Mr. Kundu is an avid social worker who has so far indulged in various events catering to the needs of the underprivileged mass of the society.

Swarup Kundu

The eldest son of Mr. Sankar Kundu Mr. Swarup Kundu started his career in 1995 by joining and introducing as a Partner in Devaloke Associates and successfully completed several Residential & commercial Projects under the guidance of his father Sankar Kundu. Since then he is actively involved in the construction business and completed 34 years of age, having business experience of more than 15 years. Though pretty tender as age, through the years spent in the business environment being directors of almost all the Group Companies, he has gathered enough experience in the line of the construction business.

However, this young & dynamic businessman has a profound aesthetic sense in interior designing & has for the past 10 years put more focus on this segment.   He is now an active interior designer & has been completely successful in continuing the initial furniture production & interior designing business with much valor & grace. The “other services” of this web site gives you a detailed picture of his charisma.

Sukanta Kundu

Mr. Sukanta Kundu, the youngest son of Mr. Sankar Kundu, joined the Devaloke Group in the year 2002. He holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce from Bangalore. Exposure to the outer world has made this young man an apt executive. Since his joining date, he has been actively involved with several projects where he promoted and successfully completed projects covering millions of square feet.

Sukanta Kundu has had a distinguished career spanning over a decade in the realty sector and was instrumental in the rapid growth of Devaloke Group in the last couple of years. After handling positions of increasing responsibility with much confidence now he is involved grossly with the Company Affairs, Corporate dealings & infrastructure technologies for sustainable development. He strongly believes that perfection in workmanship comes only when there is perfection in the planning and decision-making.

In recognition of his achievements and the leadership competencies demonstrated by him in the areas of strategic planning, building a successful team, strategic relationship building, and driving results, he has now placed himself as a front-runner of the entire Devaloke Group.

Sukanta Kundu belongs to the second generation of entrepreneurs and inherits his father’s values to the core. In his free time, he indulges in current affairs to keep him updated in this fast altering 21st-century arena.

Under his dynamic leadership, the company has achieved considerable stature in professionalism, quality controls and integrity in the realty sector in India and today the company is synonymous with the utmost level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Antara Guha Kundu

Mrs. Antara Guha Kundu joined the Company in 2007 and has since then been associated with the real estate sector and has been involved in several real estate ventures.
Antara holds a Bachelor’s degree from Loreto College, Kolkata & a post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune. Originating from a modest background, this young woman always had an urge to be different. She started her career in 2002 as an administrative executive in Jayasri Group of Companies, channel-partner of the Gas giant Praxair India Ltd. In appreciation of her management proficiencies in the areas of strategic planning, developing a successful supply chain, building enduring client relationship and yielding magnificent results; she got promoted to the post of Business Developer within just one year of her service.

Later on, in 2005, she was entrusted with the responsibility of administering a multi-specialty hospital under the banner of South East Asian Hospital & Research Institute Limited, a group company of Jayasri.

Then in 2007, she decided to take a plunge in the real estate sector with a clear focus on administration in excellence. Combining her innovative ideas with a devoted attitude towards attaining perfection, Mrs. Antara Kundu has been the inspiration behind the success of Devaloke Group. With Human Resource’ as her specialization, she has constantly triumphed in developing a strong bond within the entire Devaloke team.