Devaloke Group firmly believes that ‘charity begins at home’. Hence we adopt relevant safety measures at all our construction sites for the welfare and well being of the workers at the site. Periodically we arrange for entertainment programmes for the workers at sites while simultaneously educating them on topics ranging from how to improve efficiency at work and also on how to lead a progressive and responsible life.

We also leave no stone unturned to convert individual unorganized labour Contractors into Organized Companies so that they duly follow the Government wage & tax laws , thus humbly sharing our responsibility towards increase in the national revenue collection.

We dream of expanding and establishing our business so that we can provide job opportunity to the jobless. This will serve our twin objective of providing a shelter to the people of Kolkata as well as economic freedom to more and more people.

Devaloke Group also has a track record of doing its best for supporting the underprivileged. Perhaps one of the biggest social initiatives that our organization is involved “SOUTH KOLKATA MANASI”, an N.G.O. Under the umbrella of this organization, we:

  • Provide financial help to the aged poor people.
  • Provide financial assistance to needy meritorious students.
  • Help poor people financially to marry their daughters off.
  • Provide treatment and medicines to the needy.
  • Help thalasemia patients.
  • Stand beside and help the physically handicapped.
  • Provide technical knowledge to the backward so that they can earn a living.
  • Plant trees to provide a greener environment to the future generations.

Eventually the aim is to bring about a difference in the lives of all such people and we are hopeful that with the passing times, all of them will have a brighter life ahead.We also plan to:

  • Set up an old age home for the aged and ailing.
  • Built a support system for the distressed.
  • Make parks and plant trees for the betterment of environment and society atlarge.

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One of our priorities here at Devaloke is to build buildings that have a minimal environmental trail. We endeavor to employ the most contemporary & eco friendly technologies available so that we may contribute, in however modest way, to reverse the process of unstable climate, which is being recorded on the global scale presently. The adopted technologies in some of our buildings, in this regard are:

  • Water Harvesting and Re-usage
  • Use of High quality almost sound proof Generators of reputed make.
  • Preserving & beautifying water bodies within or even outside our projects & increasing the amount of aqua-life.
  • Use of relevant Non-toxic bio-degradable materials
  • Use of CFL or similar light fittings rather than Bulb-based fittings wherever possible to ensure minimal power consumption.
  • Installation of sewerage treatment units.
  • Planning & creating soothing landscaping for a breath of fresh air.

Mr. Sankar Kundu, the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, is himself a keen naturalist and environmentalist by choice thus justifying all the aforesaid.

For us at Devaloke Group, social work is all about rewarding back our beloved Society which has nurtured us to what we today stand as.  We firmly believe in sharing our scope of responsibility to all the constituents of the society, be it towards humanity or the environment surrounding such human society. Devaloke Group has so far completed successfully many apartments in the last 12 years. In each of these buildings, we have always tried to benefit the residents as well as the entire neighborhood, in some way or the other. In an around all our Projects, we have in small ways tried to create recreational items for the entire society.

Amidst too many concrete structures, Devaloke brought in a breath of fresh air by creating a park, designed to give the feel of nature to the residents of the locality.

  • An unreserved open plot of 3.5 Cottah was lying just adjacent to the Building “BARDHAN PARTMENT” constructed by Devaloke Group at 103, Purbapara, Laskarpur, Kolkata – 84. The Group took the entire initiation of constructing a Boundary wall, fixing a gate & beautified this park by patterned seating arrangements which added special attraction to that vacant land.
  • At KARBALA site, Devaloke Group gifted 2 Cottah land to the Municipality for erecting the municipal pump house.
  • Devaloke Group gifted 2 Cottah land from the entire Project of SAPTARSHI APARTMENT, situated at 2251, Garia Place, Kolkata – 84, for the purpose of constructing a park. The Group has also proposed others to gift some portion of their lands so that a large & beautiful park can be planned & constructed, which will not only beautify the site but also benefit the locality.
  • In order to promote the cultural side of the society, Devaloke Group has been making a considerable contribution towards the NANDAN FILM FESTIVAL.
  • On various occasions at different places, Devaloke Group has made financial contributions to the support & development of the youth, to name a few, donating for cricket federations, football camps, blood donation camps, Netaji  Jayanti etc.

Devaloke Group believes in growing through the growth of its environment. Hence, being responsible citizens we have always emphasized it as our responsibility to ensure the growth in the lifestyle of the entire neighborhood. In our next Project at Green Park too, we have similar scopes & have planned to create a park/recreational facility for children. For all the aforementioned the Company indulges in expenditures totaling to almost 1 million, annually. In future, the Company has plans to create a fund so that such social activities can be executed without any hindrance.